"The 80 is one of Ronson's older designs, but its durability is legendary. Tales abound of it being able to fire immediately after being run over by a two-ton truck, being able to stop bullets, or smashing down heavy steel doors with little damage. Its shell is nothing to write home about, but it is still a favorite of many soldiers."
―Official Description

The Ronson 80 is a shotgun manufactured by Ronson.

The 80 is unique in that it effectively acts like a piece of weak armor when equipped, although the values given are not able to be upgraded. This allows users of the 80 to more easily wade through infected hordes, picking them apart at their leisure.

The 80's firing capabilities, on the other hand, are nothing special; while the pellet count is very high, little damage is done per pellet. The firing rate is fairly low, which allows the 80's decent ammunition supply to last a long time at the disadvantage of lowered damage per second. The weapon is not exactly the most mobile for its size, but it still allows for some forgiveness.

Statistics Edit

  • 60 Physical, 35 Thermal, and no Chemical defense. The [RED] variant improves this to 145 Physical, 70 Thermal, and 15 Chemical defense.
  • 90 Physical damage per pellet. The [RED] variant improves this to 185 Physical damage per pellet.
  • Twelve pellets are fired per shot.
  • Each pellet can pierce up to two infected.
  • Fires up to three rounds per second. Firing mode is semi-automatic.
  • -20.0% movement penalty.
  • Has an ammunition capacity of 24 rounds.
  • Takes 2.50 seconds to reload.

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