SAS Advanced Medic are special type of NPCs.

They are not able to attack. They focus purely on the supportive side to keep a team


Failed at it. Oh well.


If all players are down, the game will not end unless the the SAS Advanced Medics are also down.

Health of the SAS Advanced Medic are (match level*1000)*0.2+750.

Natural regeneration of 2% maximum health/second.

Recovery time of 20 seconds.

They are not as dumb as the current Assault Team's AI. Tends to stay near players.

Abilities Edit

  • Heal. Fire at an ally to heal 1% of their health. 2 seconds cooldown.
  • Protective Aura. Increase nearby allies' resistances by 8%. Also reduces the damage of Dark Minion. Range of 7m.
  • Final Farewell. Upon death, releases 5 medkits that heals 10% of the player's maximum hp.
  • Revive. Decrease a fallen ally's recovery time by 50%. Stacks with other SAS Advanced Medics.
  • Cleanse. Reduces nearby enemies' movement speed by 50%. Range of 12m.

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