- SAS Trooper -
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Affiliation: SAS
Organism Type: Ally
Base HP: 2000+25*match rank
Turn Rate: Instant
Melee Damage: Variable
Resistances: None
Movement Speed: 5.0 m/s
XP Value: N/A
Additional Stats
Weapons change with level
"Other SAS soldiers such as yourself. While not as battle-hardened, they can still bring great firepower to engagements."
―In-game description
The SAS Trooper is an allied unit that will replace players that leave matches or when matches do not have enough players.

The SAS Trooper's AI is much like that of an assault team member; they will keep pace with players and fire at the nearest threat. However, they gain special abilities to make them more similar to players, as well as different weapon load-outs. Each SAS Trooper will be able to use their class' abilities, with effectiveness increasing as match rank increases but with doubled cool-down compared to a player. They can also resuscitate like a player, taking twenty seconds to do so.

SAS Troopers are spawned with a random class.

Rank Weapons and Skills Edit

SAS Troopers will improve in capabilities as match rank increases, using better weapons and stronger skills.

  • Troopers will carry weaponry of a drop level equivalent to match rank divided by four, with a variance of five levels.
  • Troopers will gain one level in their primary skill every 16th level in match rank.
  • Troopers will gain one level in their secondary skill every 40th level in match rank.
  • Troopers will gain one level in their activated ability every 80th level in match rank.

Going by this algorithm, a Match Rank 400 SAS Trooper will have the following traits;

  • 12,000 hit points.
  • A random weapon of a drop rank between 95 and 100.
  • A level 25 primary skill (Medikit, Adrenaline, or Hold the Line).
  • A level 10 secondary skill (Biocleanse Bomb, Close-Quarter Combat, or Die Another Day).
  • A level 5 activated ability (Virus Antidote, Assault Team, or Aerial Bombardment).

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