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Welcome to the SAS Zombie Assault Conception Wiki

This wiki is the sister wiki to the SAS Zombie Assault Wiki and is devoted to making fan-made ideas for the SAS Zombie Assault series! In SAS Zombie Assault, you play as a member of the SAS, killing zombies. There are many things you can make for the SAS series including zombies, weapons, classes, properties, manufacturers, etc... even things that change the game itself. Anything you can imagine that's related to SAS Zombie Assault, make it here.

Creating a Page

Do you want to create a page for a weapon, zombie, or whatever? Just click Contribute in the top right corner and press "Create a Page"!

To write a new article, just enter the title in the box below. If you are new to wikis, check out the tutorial.

If you want a picture for your conception, but you can't make it yourself, check out this page with numerous fan-made designs.


Please read our policies here. Not following them may result in a block.


When making a Weapon Conception, add the Weapons category, the type of weapon (i.e. Sniper Rifles), and the manufacturer (i.e. HIKS Products). Also, please add the damage type of the weapon. (i.e physical damage)

When making a zombie, just add the Zombies Category. If you're making a boss, also add the Boss category.

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