Weapon Conception
- SPLH-P8 -

Please, it's a pistol. Think of it without scope, silencer, and stock.

Statistical Info
Ammunition Dimensions 8mm
Ammunition Material Neosteel-tipped titanium
Muzzle Velocity 340 m/s
Weight 3 kg
Accessories long-range scope, silencer, laser sight
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 180 WHITE Version
500 RED Version
750 BLACK Version
1000 Prem
Pierce 3
Rate of Fire 8 RPS, 10 RPS RED Version
Capacity 20, 40 Prem
Reload Time 1.8 sec, 1.6 sec BLACK Version
Accuracy pin-point
Movement -6%
Firing Mode Semi-Auto
Weapon Class Sidearm Pistol
Damage Type Physicalico Physical
Approx. Drop Level 35 WHITE Version
100 RED Version&BLACK Version
Ammo Used [?] Standard Pistol Ammo
Additional Stats
infinite range, does same damage regardless distance
"A long-range pistol designed for snipers who ran out of ammo, being able to do what most sniper rifles are able to do, but still excellent for close-quarters"
―Official Description
"The best pistol for those marksmen out of their ammo!"

SPLH-P8 aka Special-Purpose "Long-Hitter" - Precision 8mm is a semi-auto pistol manufactured by Koprulu Marine Supply. It is one of few weapons to be different from other SP series, where they are lightweight and mobile. It uses 8mm sub-sonic rounds, but capacitor-run power-assisted mechanism makes it as effective as some sniper rifles at longest range as pistol.

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