"A modernized flashbang that uses hydrogen battery package to release constant flash upon detonation"
―Official Description
"Who needs to freeze them with low temperature when a flash can do the same?"
―Medic Class

SPPS-FB5 aka Special-Purpose Personnel-Suppressive FlashBang Mk. 5 is a grenade manufactured by Koprulu Marine Supply.

Stats Edit

  • Detonates upon impact or hitting the ground, just like Plasma Molotov
  • 4 sec Duration
  • 10m Blast Radius
  • All zombies are frozen during the effect and gains +25% damage vulnerability. Digital strain will not get damage vulnerability, but will be unable to move nor attack.
  • All SAS looking at the grenade will be blinded until time runs out. They can still do ANYTHING with -45% Movement(multiplies)
  • Effect lasts 2 more seconds after finishing for zombies
  • 5 for $25000 Buying Price

Augs (will be permanent and requires Augment Enhancer and Upgrader) Edit

  • Extended: +10% Flash Duration/level, +10% after-flash Duration/level. Does not effect effect towards SAS
  • Enlarged: +5% Blast Radius/level
  • Friendly-Safety: -10% flash brightness(so, the whiteness will be transparent, 10 lvl will not make any flash to SAS) to SAS, +4.5% movement while flashed/level (10 lvl will make it so they can move without problem)

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