"This is from our Toyota City Manufacturing Plant. Distress call #1. We've been sabotaged by workers of a competitor. Interrogate them before it's too late."
―Intro. Said by innocent factory worker

Basic Information Edit

Final Goal: Kill all of the guilty before they set the place on fire.

Time Limit: 10-20 minutes

Requirements: No HVM weapons or armors allowed, must be at least Level 15. HVM Turrets cannot be deployed.


  1. Enter the lobby
  2. Hear a extremely short briefing
  3. Mission time limit counts down
  4. Gather crucial information from 3 innocent factory workers
  5. Go to the assembly line
  6. Fight and kill 10-40 HVM Mercs. trying to delay you
  7. Find your way through the building's hallways
  8. Go to the back exit
  9. Exit the building
  10. Fight 5-10 Elite HVM Mercs. and kill them
  11. Destroy their prototype war machine (HVM's of course) (This part is not timed, so don't panic)
  12. Rewards time!

Rewards: 10000-20000 SAS Credits, 3 random boxes, random Kaizen Corp. melee weapon (after first completion)

Previous Mission: None

Next Mission: Planned

It's the first of the Tracker series of missions

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