[Contract Map]
- Salvage Yard -

I made it via GIMP. Of course I'm proud of myself!

Status Only appears for contract missions

Basic Summary Edit

Salvage Yard is a Contract Map that is located in the bottom right corner of a self serve automotive salvage yard. It is only playable during contracts, and will appear for ALL contract missions.

Some Things To Note Edit

  • There is very little space for the players, due to the rows of junk cars, the car crusher, and the Loaderbots.
  • This is not a particularly good area for bossing (in my opinion)
  • Smart players can use the cars to their advantage
  • If a undestroyed car is detonated, all undestroyed cars within 5 meters of the car initially detonated will also detonate/explode. This can be used to the team's advantage
  • The Loaderbots will not activate
  • Players can move between cars, the Loaderbots, and other obstacles in the map

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