Weapon Conception
- Salvo -



Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 220
450 RED Version
675 BLACK Version
Pierce 3
Rate of Fire 5
6 for RED Version and BLACK Version
Capacity 120
Reload Time 2.50 seconds
Movement -12%
Firing Mode Fully automatic burst
Weapon Class SMG
Damage Type Physical
Approx. Drop Level 35
Ammo Cost $60 for 200
$600 for 200 RED Version
$720 for 200 BLACK Version
"A destructive SMG to handle, the Salvo will rapidly spray out rounds at overwhelming speed to annihilate everything."
―Official Description

The Salvo is a powerful SMG from Rancor. It's similar to the Raptor from Shotlite, but in SMG form and fully-automatic. This SMG's purpose is to shine some light and honor back on the SMG class. The damage may seen low, but remember, it's a burst weapon, firing 3 rounds at once. So the damage is really triple.

With 3 pierce, excellent damage, high rate of fire/rounds per second, and big clip makes the Salvo a devastating for crowds and bosses. The Salvo will drain through ammo quickly, but it doesn't matter as it's a SMG, and SMG ammo is extremely cheap.


  • Large damage.
  • Cheap ammo.
  • High pierce.
  • Burst weapon; fires 3 rounds at once.
  • Decent clip size.


  • Heaviest SMG.
  • Low RoF/RpS.
  • Found late-game.
  • Rather long reload time.

Recommended augments are...

  • Deadly, to buff the damage.
  • Overclocked will improve dps. But be sure to also add capacity if you're going to augment overclock, as it'll drain more rapidly. Plus you'll have to reload more often, making you more vulnerable.
  • Adaptive is pretty useful, and cheap, as it will help kill physical-resistance zombies quickly, and spend less ammo.
  • Capacity, to boost the clip size, as the clip is rather small. Also allow the users to fire for a longer period of time.
  • Pierce will allow more targets get hit.
  • Race Modded will decrease the reloading time, and time of vulnerable. But, due to the 20% reload cap, Race Modded isn't as useful.

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