"Sir.......Sir there's something here."

"I know. It got Johnson. We need to set up a secure perimeter...wait...what was AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!"

"SIR! Are you ok!? Oh God guys it got the Sargent. We need to get out of here."

"We need turrets set up now"

"Roger that"

"We should call Xenon! Thunder Squadron could help us!"


"Oh no it got Murphy. Call Xenon now!"

"I've got them on the radio."

"This is SAS Unit 4144414 calling for help"

Xenon staff: "Sir, a SAS Unit has sent out a distress signal!"

Lawrence Johnson: "Send Thunder Squadron. Whatever it is, we're gonna put it in the ground."

"Yes sir!"

"Come in Unit 4144414, Thunder Squad is on the way."

SAS Unit: "Thank God. We have turrets. They seem to be holding it off. What ever it is, it's lethal. It's killed ten of us already."

Xenon staff: "Don't worry, help is on the way

Phases: Phase 1: Find the creature. Phase 2: eliminate the Winged Stalker minions Phase 3: Kill the Winged stalker Phase 4: Bring the SAS to the ship. Phase 5: Fly home. Notes: You play as Slick in single player. In multi player, you are randomly assigned to a member of Thunder Squadron The SAS are terrified. They may shoot at you. YOU MUST NOT SHOOT BACK. THEY HAVE SUPERIOR FIREPOWER AND WILL KILL YOU. but don't worry. Your character will them who you are.

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