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Manufactures Weapons, Turrets
Founded 2204 A.D. (destroyed in 2996 A.D.)
"The legendary manufacturer had been betrayed and destroyed from within. Little is known about it's shaky history."
―Official Description

Sektor is a professional weapon and turret manufacturer. Ranging from the SAR-Arcane assault rifle to the ST-Bloodrain turret, the manufacturer's weapons and turrets are superior to almost everything else.


Started in 2204 A.D., such powerful weapons such as the C-14 Impaler had not been created yet. So a small army originally SAS that were abandoned attempted to make lightsticks, but instead of lightsticks they got energy capsules. They noticed it looked like a projectile that could fit it into a gun, so they started working on a gun that could withstand the power of the energy capsule. Eventually, that turned into the SAR-Arcane. Many years later, they built factories and had the weapons shipped out for a cost. Then, in 2993 A.D., workers at a Sektron factory (there were 8 in total) had started to steal weapons, and kill people inside the factory. It is not known if they communicated and was coordinated or not, but all the other factories had betrayals. Then after three years, 2996 A.D., the war stopped. The factories had combusted, since they had shot at the power plant. It was most likely coordinated since many people had betrayed Sektron. The logically guessed deaths: 800,000-1,600,000. There is not much known about Sektron, since it was very private. The same went with The Rebellion.


Sektor's weapons and turrets are medium-rare. Their weapon's ammo cost is quite expensive, and their weapons are all Energy.

Created by Awesomizer.

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