"An electric, throwable tomahawk. It can also be swung, but why swing when you can fling!?"
―Official Description

Damage by swing: 500, 1000 RED Version, 1500 BLACK Version click to swing

Damage by fling: 1000, 1500 RED Version 2000 BLACK Version middle click to do this.

Ammo: uses 1 energy to swing, 5 energy to throw

No movement penalty.

No reload time

Made by Xenon Supply Corp

Energy damage

ROF: As fast as you can click.

Basis for the Class: Sticks and stones


The best augments are deadly, adaptive and piercing, mostly cause those are the only augments available to the weapon. There's no reload to racemod, no capacity to increase, no movement to skeletonize, nothing to enlarge, and biosynthesis just sucks anyways.

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