The Shotgun, Automatic 20 Gauge Pattern, Mk.II (or Auto-Shotgun 20G Mk.2) is the smallest and fastest of the three shotguns made by Royal Ordnance.

while its damage is lacking versus the Shotgun 8G and Shotgun 12G, the Auto-Shotgun 20G has full auto fire and good handling that lets it work great as a skirmish weapon. due to it eating through ammo by the truckload it is very expensive to run for a shotgun.

Stats Edit

  • 80 damage per pellet with a total of 6 pellets giving a total of 480 damage. the RED version has double damage.
  • pierces 2 zombies.
  • 10% movement penalty.
  • 36 rounds in the clip.
  • fires 12 rounds per second in full auto mode.
  • takes 2.4 seconds to reload.
  • uses regular shotgun ammo.

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