Shotgun Specialist is a prestige class for CQC Specialist. He focuses on true point-blank CQC.

Skills Edit

Skill Description Initial Max Growth
Swift Loading

Faster pump and bolt actions, faster reloading of weapons that doesn't use mags/clips/speedloaders.

+2% +50% 2%/level
Gun Gas Blast

Point-blank shots do additional damage. Does not apply to railguns, lasers, flamethrowers, and knives.

5% weapon damage in front 20° 0.6m cone 77% weapon damage in front 20° 3m cone +3% dmg, +0.1m range per level

Apply stun and knockback to a single closest enemy within front 90° 1m cone. Half effect to bosses.

1 sec cooldown

10 energy cost, 0.5 sec stun, 1m knockback 1 energy cost, 2 sec stun, 4m knockback -0.375 energy cost, +0.065 sec stun, +0.125m knockback per level
Static Armor

For a short time, melee enemies will be stopped mid-attack-motion to give you a chance to evade the attacks.

40 energy cost, 40 sec cooldown

4 sec duration with 0.5 sec pause 10 sec duration with 2 sec pause +0.25 sec duration, +0.065 sec pause per level

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