Weapon Conception
- Shotlite Corsair -
Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 750 WHITE Version
2000 RED Version
3000 BLACK Version
4000 Prem on slash

1500 WHITE Version
4000 RED Version
6000 BLACK Version
4000 Prem on stab

Pierce 10 on slash, 2 on stab
Rate of Fire 3RPS, 4RPS on stab
Area of Effect 1m
45°-90° according to skill
Movement +5%, +2% when not holding
Firing Mode Semi-Auto
Weapon Class Sidearm Melee
Damage Type Physicalico Physical
Ammo Cost 5 energy per slash
3 energy per stab
Additional Stats
Will be equipped to pistol slot
"Using the Power Assist technology shared from Rubicon Industries, it not only weighs nothing but gives significant mobility boost to the owner"
―Official Description

Corsair is a knife manufactured by Shotlite. It gives user movement buff, and a little less but still provides it when not holding it.

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