"Triple barreled rocket launcher. Shotlite Meteor transforms spaceships into air in few seconds."
―Official Description

Shotlite Meteor is a rocket launcher made by 4444.





Firing mode: Burst.

Weapon class: Rocket launcher.

Damage: 620, 1700 RED Version, 2600 BLACK Version.

Fire rate: Each trigger pull fires a burst of 3 rockets at speed of 3 rockets per second. Shoots 1 burst per second.

Reload speed: 2 seconds.

Clip: 3. You cannot get Capacity for this weapon.

Movement penalty: -6%.

Blast radius: 2.5m, 2.8m RED Version, 3.2m BLACK Version.

Ammo cost: Same as other physical rocket launchers.


  • It is named after Gloster Meteor.
  • One of the best choices for augmenting it would be Enlarged, Race Modded and Overclocked.

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