The Shotlite Needle is a custom weapon concept for SASZA4. As of right now, I'm undecided on availability.

The Needle is a melee weapon made with nanotechnology. While it can theoretically take the form of any melee weapon imaginable, it is currently locked into the form of a katana.

The nanotechnology used to create the Needle gives it a few interesting powers. The most noticeable one is Blood Slice. As it cuts through foes, the Needle collects blood in microscopic tunnels in the blade. As it collects more and more blood, the blade grows larger and heavier, increasing the range and power of the weapon. It can also discharge the collected blood in a wave, cutting through enemies at range, but resetting the range and damage of the weapon itself.


Statistics Normal Red
Damage 500 1000
Pierce None, but any enemies within range are struck, with the closest taking full damage and others taking 30% less
Clip Size Unlimited Unlimited
Reload Time None None
Movement Modifier -0%, + .5% per Blood Stack -0%, + .5% per Blood Stack
Firing rate (Mode) 1 rps 2 rps
Damage Type Physical Physical
Range 2 meters, 45 degree arc 3 meters, 60 degree arc

Blood StacksEdit

Every time the Needle strikes an enemy it gains a Blood Stack(Maximum of two per attack). These stacks are displayed where the ammo normally would be, and the Needle can carry up to ten. Each stack increases the range and damage of the Needle by 10%, up to a maximum of 100%. Each stack also increases the movement penalty by .5%. Whenever the Needle has Blood Stacks, the player can press the right mouse button to activate Blood Slice and consume all stacks to fire a wave of condensed blood.

Statistics Normal Needle Red Needle
Damage 100 per stack, 1000 max 250 per stack, 2500 max
Pierce None, but any enemies within range are struck
Damage Type Physical Physical
Range 4 meters(+.5m per stack after the first), 45 degree arc, increasing to 90 degrees as it travels 5 meters(+.5m per stack after the first), 45 degree arc, increasing to 90 degrees as it travels


The Shotlite Needle is named after the first aircraft designed to use nanotechnology to reconfigure itself for optimal use both in space and in atmosphere, the Starward VXA-01 Star Needle.


The Needle is actually the intended weapon of an upcoming Samurai class that I'm planning. The Blood Slice ability is based off an old fanfic I was planning.

As usual, feedback is more than welcome. Erendian (talk)

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