Shredder Rounds are ammo manufactured by Koprulu Marine Supply. They are specialized to ripping, or shredding anything flesh with 3 variants. They usually do not pierce, only does its special damage to flesh, and causes DoT.

Variants Edit

  • Dissolving Casing: it is made by getting a regular bullet and ripping up the outer shell, which makes it perfect for ripping, but the rough shell makes it slow down too much in air, losing effectiveness quickly as enemies are further. Therefore, it is coated in silicon compound to dissolve or easily peeled off upon impact into flesh. It is most common due to ease of manufacturing and cheapness. Easy visualization: think of bullet as that of Tenacious logo.
  • TDPOB(Target Detecting Pop-Out Blade) or simply POB: It uses integrated laser finder inside the ammo to detect whenever the target is close enough, where it pops out its titanium joint-connected blades to cut through flesh. Some comes with infrared detector to find if the target is flesh or not, letting it pierce through initial target for its second chance to rip flesh, or doing extra armor piercing damage to whatever it hits.
  • Gravitational Force: uses multi-dimensional core to cause enormous gravitational force towards the bullet itself, making it able to tilt a little towards enemies, propel itself to fly faster, and pull whatever's inside the victim to rip it off. It does same thing to machinery and pierces much better.

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