Weapon Conception
- Slammer -
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Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 550, 1100 RED Version, 1610 BLACK Version
Pierce 3
Rate of Fire 8 rps
Capacity 30
Reload Time 2.6 seconds
Accuracy pinpoint
Movement -30%
Firing Mode Fully automatic firing mode
Weapon Class Assault Rifle
Damage Type Physicalico Physical
Approx. Drop Level I'll let you figure this bit out Ghosty
Single DPS [?] 4400, 8800 RED Version 12880 BLACK Version
Ammo Used [?] Standard Assault Rifle ammo
Additional Stats
infobox credit to Helios Ex
"Have you ever needed to say screw you so bad that you grabbed your assault rifle and tried to kill the guy, but were hampered by a low range, and not enough killing power? Well then this is the gun for you. The slammer has guaranteed results, and will kill anything at up to two kilometers distance."
― Official Description

Extended description Edit

Well... this weapon does it all, it's most comparable to a stronger version of the CM 440 Titan, except in greater movement penalty and lower reload speed on the part of the Slammer.

Some Augments to use would be deadly, overclocked, and adaptive, with a fourth slot being for pinpoint to maximize damage, or for capacity, for longer continual firing

History: Edit

When this weapon was first put into production, XSC Ceo James Johnson was jumping for joy. However it has been said that when he tested the weapon a ricochet on the range hit him, putting him in a wheelchair for a total of six weeks.

Trivia Edit

Unlike the selection of History from the weapon, the bullets do not actually ricochet in game.

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