"Zombie parts flying everywhere as you slice the hell out of them"
―Official Description

The chainsaw itself. This demonstrates the reach.

The Slicer is a melee chainsaw made by Rancor. It's a very strong weapon, appearing at rank 31. Since it's a chainsaw that uses gas, you need to buy ammo. Nonetheless, the is a good weapon.

However, the movement decrease and the fact you have to get up close to the zombies is a major penalty. Skilled players can bypass this easily.


  • Ammo Cost: 50 for 200 normal, 370 for 200 High Damage. [RED] ammo costs 10X as much.
  • Damage: 70 physical damage, 130 physical damage [RED]
  • Pierce: Infinite. It doesn't shoot though, and the damage area if fixed to the player. So, not OP.
  • Fire Rate: 12.5 rps
  • Reload Speed: 2 seconds
  • Capacity: 100
  • Movement Penalty: -21%
  • Firing Mode: Full Auto