IThe Sniper is a class in SAS4 Expansion. It has similar Skills to Assault and some unique skills. Not very useful for single player, he's mostly effective for supporting teammates by killing zombies from long distance.

Starting stats.Edit

Its starting stats are the same as Assault, however, its starting weapon is the Z-4 Sharpshooter, a Sniper Rifle.



Camping: Starting skill. Increases Range, Damage, Fire Rate and Crit Chance of weapons by 1% (+0.5% each level) at the cost of not being able to move. Reload time: Instant. Energy cost: 5 Energy for triggering, 2 Energy for deactivating.

Last Resort: Performs a stab in a 1m (+0.25 each level), 3 degree area in front of the player, does 2000 damage (+250 each level).

Heavyshot: Unlocked at level 20. After using this skill, you get 1 heavyshot bullet for each weapon you carry to the mission. Those heavyshot bullets do 5x (+0.2  each level) damage and have 2x (+0.1 each level) as much piercing with 1% (+0.5% each level) more chance of Super Crit. Costs 65 energy, reload time is 1 minute and 30 seconds. 


Eagle Eyes: Increases Crit Chance and Damage for all Sniper Rifles by 3% (+1% each level).

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