Sniper is a class. He focuses on long-range quick takeouts and supports. He starts with Z-0, Z-4S, Z-4 Marksman and all Z-A armors, and with 1800 health.

Prestige Edit

Skills Edit

Skill Description Initial Max Growth


Fires a carefully aimed deadly shot. Only can be used with a sniper rifle.

- 10 sec cooldown

- 10 energy used

2X Damage, +30% Crit Chance, +100% Crit Damage, Drains 5 ammo 4.4X Damage, +78% Crit Chance, +220% Crit Damage, Drains 1 ammo

+0.1X, +2%, +5% per level. Ammo drain reduced on 5, 12, 18, 25

Not Today

Chance to reduce or even dodge enemy melee attacks.

5% to reduce by 40%, 5% when reduced to dodge 50% to dodge +1.875% to reduce, +2.5% reduction, +1% to dodge per level
Marksmen Squad

Calls in elite marksmen squad to assist you. Always equipped with HVM 080.

- 120 sec cooldown

- 60 energy used

20 sec duration, 3 marksmen, +10% Damage, 1000 HP 92 sec duration, 4 marksmen, +250% Damage, 10600 HP +3 sec, +10% Damage, +400 HP per level, +1 Marksman on lvl 20

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