"Seeing that Ronson and other companies have made some high grade flamethrowers, Point Blank decided they would make the best. Extremely short range and needing to have to test four prototypes which all overheated, the Spectra V5 is one of the most refined flamethrower there is. Shooting three plasma flames to create a larger flame, the Spectra V5 cuts zombies like a hot knife through butter."

Damage: 260 Clip: 200 RPS: 30

Reload: 3.6 seconds Blast Radius: 0.1 Pierce: 5

Movement penalty: -45% DoT: 35 over 2 seconds Type: Flamethrower

Company: Point Blank

This flamethrower, like all Point Blank weapons, is extremely short range. The Spectra is an unbelievably high damaging flamethrower at close range, and is one of the few DoT where deadly is a better augment than tenacious. This weapon is also excellent for mowing down hordes of zombies at close range due to its high damage and RPS. An excellent choice for nightmare.

The Spectra V5 does still have some downsides. The range of this weapon is extremely short meaning it is quite dangerous to use this weapon against high damage boses and ranged bosses. The movement penalty is also another disappointment. It is extremely heavy compared to other flamethrowers. It also has a lengthy reload time with also an amno draining RPS.

Considering augments, the likely choices can be deadly, overclocked and adaptive.

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