"Inspired by a burst charge, proton cannon, the spectre delivers the same terrifying results within its compactness. Having a unique charge up bullets, soldiers will find this a unique and powerful gun to use."
―Official Description

The Spectre, made by Point Blank, is a hold and release electric assault rifle. Every second a player charges for, five bullets are ready to be released, making it a reasonable hit, run and charge gun. How ever it has it's drawbacks. Although the charging maybe useful, the released barrage of bullets get 3 degrees more inaccurate for every second charged. Another is its small damage output of 140 damage a bullet, meaning a demisble 700 dps. It also has a pathetic clip of 70 bullets for a charge rifle. It also has a pierce of 1. Although it has its downfall, some feature are redeeming. Take the mobility of the Spectre, meaning that player can run fast whilst charging. It thankfully has a fast reload of 1.7 seconds mearning players won't wait for a long reload.

When is comes down to augments, deadly is obviously an option. Next should probably be piercing, capacity or race moded. Basically you have to think of the Spectre is the big brother of the Raptor.

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