"Intended as a simple turret to be used for a quick and reliable defense to give time for evacuating citizens. It has been modified and upgraded by Shotlite's incredible ability to make things light and compact."
―Official Description

The Spitfire is a very small turret designed by Shotlite.

It's effective for quick defense setups to help secure an area.

Shotlite scientists once again have been able to condense huge amounts of ammo into a tiny turret.

They're fairly common, they don't appear on loot spots that would usually contain a turret. usually replacing things like cash and health.

You can buy them for $1000 each.


Health: 25,000

ROF: 10 per second

Damage: 50

Ammo: 2,500


Health: 30,000

ROF: 10 per second (it has 2 barrels, effectively giving 20 per second)

Damage: 60

Ammo: 5,000

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