The Sqaud Automatic Weapon, Incendiary, Mk.I (or SAW-I Mk.1) is a light machine gun made by Royal Ordnance.

the SAW-I does low damage per shot but it has an extreme fire rate that allows it to rapidly stack its fire effect on zombies. its good pierce values help it with setting lots of zombies on fire at once. its reload time isn't the best but it has a high capacity that lets it fire for a long period.

Stats Edit

  • 100 damage up front and another 200 damage over 2 seconds. the RED version has double damage.
  • pierces 3 zombies.
  • 40% movement penalty.
  • 160 shots in the clip.
  • fires 17 rounds per second in full auto.
  • takes 3.7 seconds to reload.
  • uses thermal machine gun ammo. (doubled cost over regular machine gun ammo)

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