The Squad Automatic Weapon, Pattern .50, Mk.II (or the SAW .50 Mk.2) is a powerful machine gun made by Royal Ordnance.

the SAW .50 is a very strong blend of very high rate of fire, a massive clip, and plenty of damage. although it has a significant movement penalty and a long reload time, the SAW .50 can fire for a long time before needing to reload. another disadvantage of the SAW .50 is that it doesn't show up until late in the game.

Stats Edit

  • 275 damage. the RED version does double damage.
  • pierces 4 zombies.
  • 45% movement penalty.
  • 250 shots in the clip.
  • fires 18 rounds per second in full auto.
  • takes 4.5 seconds to reload.
  • uses regular machine gun ammo.

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