The Sub-Machine Gun Mk.II (or SMG Mk.2) is one of two submachine guns made by Royal Ordnance.

the SMG's small rounds lead to a low damage, but it has a great capacity for an SMG thanks to its small rounds and large drum magazine and can throw out huge amounts of bullets with the effect being less like bullet impacts and more like blasting the zombie with a laser. its main downpoints are its high usage of ammo and its larger than usual move penalty for an SMG.

Stats Edit

  • 110 damage. the RED version has double damage.
  • doesn't pierce.
  • 8% move penalty.
  • 120 rounds in the clip.
  • fires up to 25 rounds per second in full auto.
  • takes 2.4 seconds to reload.
  • uses regular SMG ammo.

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