"Kill these guys very quickly. They're heavily armored, strong and blow up when they get near you."
―Official Description

The Suicidal Zombroid is A Kamikaze. It looks like A Zombroid wearing armor and Grenades strapped to the back and front of it's grey armor. The Savage version is Yellow with Black armor and C4 instead of Grenades and a Helmet. They are very rare; having a 1% chance to replace a Servant and 5% to replace a Soldier.

Health: 3,000/20,000 Savage.

Turn Rate: 360 Degrees per sec.

Speed: 1.3 Meters per sec./1.5 Savage.

Damage: 1,500/10,000 Savage.

Melee Range: 4

Resistances: Physical: 20%/30% Savage. Thermal: 10%/15% Savage. Toxic 15%/25% Savage.

XP Value: 300/750 Savage.

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