"After finding a disabled zombie mech, Teknoboom engineers have managed to recreate the Missile launcher of the mech- with a few changes, of course."
―Official Description

The T-099 Infiziertenkanone is a weapon developed by Teknoboom. It is very similar to the missile launcher of the zombie mech.


  • Ammo Cost: 750 for 50, 3000 for 50 HDA. [RED] ammo cost is 10X.
  • Damage: 1000 physical damage, 2000 [RED] version
  • Pierce: 1
  • Fire Rate: 3 RPS
  • Projectile Speed: 1, 1.5 [RED]
  • Reload Speed: 2.0 seconds
  • Projectile Rotation Speed: 180, 270 [RED]
  • Capacity: 3
  • Movement Penalty: -27%
  • Firing Mode: Full-Auto
  • Category: Rocket Launcher

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