HOLY CRAP THE EPIC DUCK OF LASER POTATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad MSpainted art. :(

"T-100 is a test of Teknoboom in making a new technology - light-seeking rockets. It's a pretty slow and heavy gun, used mostly for high-distance destruction or training with moving targets."
―Official Description

The Teknoboom-100 a.k.a. "Laserziel" is a Rocket Launcher made by 4439. It always has a laser line targeting at the direction you're pointing; it doesn't damage zombies, it's just a targeting thing. When you shoot a rocket, it'll follow the direction you're pointing with a turn rate of 360 degrees per second (the rocket itself flies at the speed of a Fetid Runner).


Automaticness: Semi-auto.

Damage: 800 normal, 2500 [RED], 3750 BLACK Version.

Blast radius: 2.5m, 3m RED Version, 3.2m BLACK Version.

Pierce: infinite.

Fire rate: Who cares?

Clip size: 1.

Damage type: Physical.

Reload time:  1.5 seconds.

Movement: -25%.

Ammo cost: $400 for 50, $1600 for 50 HDA. [RED] ammo costs $4000 for 50 normal, $16000 for 50 HDA.

Approx. drop level: 25, 48 RED Version and BLACK Version.


  • This is based off the rocket launcher from the game Half Life, which works in the same way of "controlling the rockets with your mouse".

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