"One can only imagine how Teknoboom tested this monster. An intensified version of the Feldhaubitz that trades shell velocity and mobility for a more explosive payload."
―Official Description

The T-103 Feldmörtel is a powerful Teknoboom rocket launcher that begins appearing around Rank 40, with the immensely powerful [RED] version only appearing for maximum level characters. Additionally, it is carried by the Kaiser walker.

The Feldmörtel does not behave like many other guns - in order to fire it, the player must stop and take one second to set it up (which is done automatically when the player stops). When set up, the player cannot move. This compensation in mobility allows the Feldmörtel to possess an extreme amount of damage and splash, the highest of any weapon.

Feldmörtel users will need to have either large amounts of support from their team or a highly secure firing point as the inability to move and the slow firing rate of the Feldmörtel renders attacks by Runners and other fast zombies incredibly dangerous, even though many other attacks are likely to be decimated.

Statistics Edit

  • 1650 Physical damage per blast. Four metre blast radius.
  • One round per two seconds. Semi-automatic firing mode.
  • Requires a one second period to set up, as well as returning to mobile state.
  • 5 round capacity. 4.5 second reload time.
  • -45.0% movement penalty when not set up. Player unable to move when set up.

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