"Throws out 40mm grenades like they're going out of style. Try not to get caught in the ashen hellscape left behind by the detonation."
―Official Description

The T-104 Sturmgeschütz is a grenade launcher that begins appearing at Rank 15. A burst damage weapon offering a cheaper and more mobile alternative to the heavier rocket launchers, the Sturmgeschütz, although tricky to make the best use of, can be a fearsome weapon in the right hands. Its projectiles will bounce off of surfaces like thrown grenades will and have a two-second timer.


  • 550 damage points per grenade. Increased to 850 points in the [RED] version.
  • Hits up to 12 zombies at once with the blast. Blast radius is 1 metre. Blast radius increased to 1.5 metres in [RED] version.
  • Fire rate of two rounds per second. Semi-automatic firing mode.
  • Ammunition capacity is six rounds with a three second reload time.
  • Movement penalty is -20.0%.
  • Ammunition cost is 350 credits for 50 rounds of ammunition. High damage ammo is 1400 credits for 50 rounds.