"Teknoboom's first attempt at creating a handgun. The Blitzpistole shoots 28-gauge flares loaded with all sorts of pyrotechnic compounds, allowing for long-term illumination of an area."
―Official Description

The T-105 Blitzpistole is a rocket launcher created by Teknoboom. Unlike normal rocket launchers, however, the Blitzpistole is able to be used as a sidearm. The Blitzpistole works different from most rocket launchers, in that the flare explodes on impact, but the explosion "sticks around" for another 5 seconds, allowing anything that passes through it except for players and the VIP to get burned over time. Blitzpistoles start showing up in strongboxes at Rank 30, with [RED] Blitzpistoles showing up at rank 75.


  • Ammo Cost: $400 for 80 normal shots, $750 for 80 high damage shots ([RED] costs 10× as much.)
  • Damage: 550 HP Thermal Damage ([RED] does 2× as much damage.)
  • Damage over Time: 225 HP over 2 seconds ([RED] does 2× as much over time.)
  • Pierce: 2 metre Splash Damage
  • Fire Rate: 1 round per second
  • Reload Speed: 2.5 seconds
  • Mag Size: 3 shots
  • Movement Penalty: -5% Speed
  • Firing Mode: Semi-auto
  • Category: Rocket Launcher (secondary)


  • The flares leave a trail of red sparks when not High Damage Ammo, while HDA flares leave a trail of white sparks.
    • The explosions will emit the same colours of spark.
  • The name of the weapon translates to "Lightning Pistol".

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