"A vicious multi-barrel cannon that combines 15 millimetre bullets with an absolutely monstrous fire rate, capable of tearing apart even heavily armored targets with ease."
―Official Description

The T-107 Rächer is a machine gun exclusive to the Kaiser walker. With an incredibly fast fire rate and very high damage, the Rächer is a weapon capable of shredding apart even Bosses without much effort, with its belt-fed system providing a titanic clip size.

Despite this, the Rächer has the unfortunate drawback of having an incredibly long reload time, during which the walker is highly vulnerable to attack. Additionally, the Rächer needs one second to spin up before it can begin firing.

Another (very minor) drawback is that due to its firing rate, the Rächer is one of the loudest weapons in the game, with a sound not unlike that of a running chainsaw. This drawback, however, is easily solved by muting the game.


  • Deals Physical damage.
  • Damage is 200 per shot. Pierces through five zombies per shot.
  • Fire rate is 35 rounds per second. Full-automatic firing mode.
  • No movement penalty, but inherits Kaiser's base speed of 60% that of a player.
  • Reload time is seven seconds. Spin-up time is one second.
  • Clip is 400 rounds.