"Teknoboom's first foray into the range of more conventional weapons. Looking at the Gyrojets of the 20th Century for inspiration, the Langstrecken-Gewehr fires micro-rockets that blow their targets apart from the inside."
―Official Description

The T-110 Langstrecken-Gewehr ("long-range rifle") is a uniquely playing sniper rifle. First appearing from Rank 30, The Langstrecken-Gewehr has reversed damage falloff - the farther away the target is, the more damage the projectile will do. Additionally, the gun has a small blast radius - one of the few non-rocket launchers to have one, although it is too small to act as a crowd-control weapon.

Benefiting from its Gyrojet-esque design, the Langstrecken is very light for its power owing to the fact that the bullet's primary propulsion occurs outside the barrel. However its unique rounds limit its capacity for ammunition, although reload is fast.


  • Deals Physical damage.
  • 1000 damage per shot. 1750 in the [RED] version. Minimum range of 1 metre, damage increases by 150 (250 in the [RED] version) per metre.
  • Half-metre blast radius. Up to six zombies can be hit in the blast.
  • Two rounds per second. Semi-automatic firing mode.
  • Five rounds of ammunition per clip. Reload time is 2 seconds.
  • Movement penalty is -12.0%.
  • Ammunition costs 240 credits for 60 rounds. High Damage ammunition costs 960 credits for 60 rounds.