"When Antimatter saw that most other industries like the Xenon supply corp. were making mech suits, Antimatter wanted to get in the action. The T-14 terminator is more of a suit of armor armor than a mech, but has massive attack and defense."
―Official Description
The T-14 terminator is a mech suit made by Antimatter. Like the description says, it is more of an armor than a mech. It has some pretty interesting stats, though.

Stats: Edit

Melee attack: 1000 damage, 1990 [RED], 2875 [BLACK] (Costs 5 energy)

Physical defense: 2000, 3500 [RED], 4475 [BLACK]

Thermal defense: Same as above

Chemical defense: Same as above

Movement modifier: +15%

Reload time: -10%

Special traits: +20% resistances against pistols, SMGs, and assault rifles, +25% damage when using a LMG or assault rifle.

Trivia: Edit

  • It is based off of the Terminator T-14 from Raze 3.

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