"A legendary edition of the Kaizen Corporation's AR-47 B, this weapon is great for killing massive targets."
―Not-so-official Description
Weapon Conception
- TST-K AR-47 B -
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Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 1000
Pierce 5
Rate of Fire 11 rps
Capacity 45
Reload Time 2.5
Movement -12%
Firing Mode Full Auto
Weapon Class Assault Rifle
Damage Type Physical
Ammo Cost a lot

The TST-K AR-47 B is an assault rifle manufactured by Kaizen Corp. manufacturers and modified by Tytusoft Limited contractors help the company out. It's one of TS Ltd.'s anti-bossing weapons, as it does double crit damage to bosses and triple crit damage to Savage bosses. However, despite its general improvements, the TST-K AR-47 B is a fair bit heavier than its original counterpart, as well as reloading slower.

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