- TameFroggy -
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First Appearance: Rank Helping Out Tamer Industries
Native Habitat: Currently Unknown
Affiliation: Founder of Tamer Industries, Teknoboom Commander and Lead Armorer.
Base HP: 12,000
Turn Rate: 400 Degrees a Sec.
Melee Damage: EX-Plasma Knife
Melee Delay: EX-Plasma Knife
Melee Range: EX-Plasma Knife
Ranged Attack Type: Look up TameFroggy's Custom
Ranged Attack Damage: Look up TameFroggy's Custom
Ranged Attack Delay: Look Up TameFroggy's Custom
Resistances: High Energy, Medium Everything else.
Movement Speed: 80%
Additional Stats
His Appearance is unknown, as he always wear EXSPA and his Vest.
"The Found of Tamer Industries' real name is unknown, so everyone calls him TameFroggy."
―Official Description

A Teknoboom weapon.

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