"You have served my Company well. As a token of my appreciation, take this, my Gun."
―Official Description
Weapon Conception
- TameFroggy's Custom -
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Statistical Info
Accessories EX-674 Grenade Launcher, Masterkey. (Slug or Buckshot)
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 180 (Assault Rifle) 80 (Masterkey Buckshot) 500 (Masterkey Slug)
Pierce 2 (Assault Rifle) 2 (Masterkey Buckshot) 3 (Masterkey Slug)
Projectiles / shot [?] 1 (Assault RIfle) 6 (Masterkey Buckshot& 1 (Masterkey Slug)
Rate of Fire 12 RPS (Assault Rifle) 2 RPS (Masterkey Buckshot) 4 (Masterkey Slug) 2 RPS (Grenade Launcher
Capacity 100 (Assault Rifle) 8 (Masterkey Buckshot) 6 (Masterkey Slug)

4 (Grenade Launcher)

Reload Time 2.6 (Assault Rifle) 4.1 (Masterkey Buckshot) 3.3 (Masterkey Slug) 4 (Grenade Launcher)
Movement -20%
Firing Mode Full-Auto (Assault Rifle) Pump-Action (Masterkey Buckshot) Semi-Auto (Masterkey Slug) Semi-Auto (Grenade Launcher)
Weapon Class Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Grenade (Rocket) Laucnehr
Damage Type Physcial, Thermal (Grenade Launcher)
Approx. Drop Level Found in TameFroggy's Strongbox. (50% Chance)
Ammo Cost Free, RED Version Physcial Shotgun Ammo (Slug) EX-674 Grenade Price
Additional Stats
Press Tab to switch between AR and Masterkey, Shift from Buckshot to Slug, Right Click for Grenade Launcher
Click HERE for the Grenades.

An Upgrade to the EXA-736.

It can't be augmented, or cored.

It allows Sights/Scopes and Suppresors.

Credit to GoldenappleNB for the Buckshot/Slug Idea.

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