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Manufactures Weapon/Armor/Vehicle/Turret
Founded 2876
Design Pattern Yellow, Black, Grey, somewhat HVM-like along with Sholite and Ronson.
"Previously Unknown, Tamer Industries has created few things, but they are powerful and almost all have to do with energy. Some Examples are Grenades that explode into flaming shrapnel, Near Energy-proof Armor, or even an upgraded Sabre, Tamer Industries will continue to help the galaxy from the Thera Virus. They are also allies with Shotlite, and have made upgraded versions of their weapons."
―Offical Description
"When you are surrounded by zombies, you know what to do..."
Tamer Industries is a Manufacturer that makes lots of things, most of them being EnergyicoEnergy or EnergyicoShock. Because of their Leader's Rank in Teknoboom, they are somewhat a sub-divison.

Products Edit

Weapons: Edit

Pistols: Edit



Sub Machine Guns: Edit

None yet

Assault Rifles: Edit


TameFroggy's Custom

Shotguns: Edit

None yet

Sniper Rifles: Edit

None Yet

Machine Guns: Edit

None yet

Rocket Launchers: Edit

EX-T273 Prem


EX-528 Cryo Blaster

Lasers: Edit

EXL-Helios-Wolf Prem

Disc Shooters: Edit

None yet

Melee: Edit

EX-Plasma Knife

Utilities: Edit

Grenades: Edit

EX-674 Grenade

Turrets: Edit



Attachments: Edit

EX-Plasma Knife (As a bayonet)


EXBS-647 (Shield)

Armor: Edit

Full Sets: Edit


Pieces without sets: Edit

TameFroggy's Protection (Vest)

Vehicles: Edit

EX-S932 (Starship)

Hover-Transport (Land Vehicle)

Hover-Transport MKII (Land Vehicle)

Plasma Tank T47 (Tank)

Timeline Edit

2876 - Founded.

2878 - Created EXA-736, Became a Manufacturer.

2879 - Created EX-674 Grenade.

2880 - Made the EXP-246.

2881 - Made the EXA-736 Better.

2882 - Added Elite Version of EX-674 Grenade.

2883 - Created the EXP-P247.

2885 - Created EX-Plasma Knife and EXBS-647.

2885 - Created EX-Silencer.

2887 - Recruited Officer Jenkins.

2889 - Made the EXSPA, a Nearly Shock-Proof Armor.

2890 - Standard Uniform Made EXSPA, EXA-736 and EX-Plasma Knife.

2891 - Standard Officer Uniform Made EXSPA Without Helmet, Modified Officer's Hat, dual EXP-P247 and EXBS-647.

2924 - Helps out some Lesser Manufacturers after Long Break of hardly doing anything.

2967 - After another Long Break, Thinks about making Vehicles.

2974 - Creates the Hover Transport, a Hovering Transport Vehicle.

3094 - Invents TameFroggy's Protection, The Leader's Vest.

3097 - Invents TameFroggy's Custom, an Upgrade to the EXA-736 which has a grenade launcher and shotgun.

3102 - Investigates Some Panic in Thera.

3103 - Creates the EX-S932, a Starship capable of taking on many lesser ones.

3104 - The Thera Virus Takes Over Thera, the Kurios Spacestation and many other Places. Helps the SAS Take out some Zombies.

3106 - Asks elite Members of the SAS to help take back one of their Bases after being taken over by zombies. Creates 4 Modified Ambush Hornets.

3107 - A Chunk of their home Planet was taken over by Extremely Mutated Zombies, which killed Tons of Tamer Industries Employees.

3109 - Created the EX-T273, one of the strongest weapons known, that, when powered up enough. can rip through an entire planet and still keep going. Only a few were ever made, to prevent total destruction and a huge war.

3111 - After receiving a shipment of Materials from Helios Fabrication Co. and a Shipment of Weapons from Xenon Supply Corp, Tamer Industries decides to make a laser with the Focusing Crystal and base the design off of a Xenon Weapon, The EXL-Helios-Wolf is a High-Energy Laser that uses the power of the Focusing Crystal to project a beam that can easily melt through flesh and bone.

3112 - Many Officers Recruited.

3114 - The EXL-Helios-Wolf was finished, and used to kill the zombies invading the planet.

3115 - Tamer Industries tells their soldiers that they will attack HVM after they get some ships.

Later 3115 - Xenon Supply Corp Delivered the Ships. Tamer Industries heads to HVM's home planet to destroy them. Almost all of HVM's bases were destroyed, their new leader, and their main weapon plants.

4209 - After hearing of Patient Zeros' Discovery, TameFroggy and his highest ranking officers went to help the SAS.

Relations with other manufacturers Edit

Teknoboom - Ally

Shotlite - Ally

HVM - Enemy

Xenon Supply Corp - Friendly

All others - Neutral

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