Rare and limited, Techs are special abilities that are available on all of the player's characters. They're only earned through by certain events.

Name Image Effect(s) Obtain by
Allows the user to use any two weapons at once.
Allows user to carry another weapon into combat.
Grants 5% chance of Super Criticals on all weapons. Lunar Base

Tech MasteriesEdit

Similar to regular masteries; the more you use a tech, the more advantages you unlock.

Tech Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Dual-Wield +5% damage to all weapons +10 capacity to all weapons +15% range +10 damage to bosses +1 pierce to all weapons
Precision Change to 8% chance for Super Critical instead of 5% +10% critical chance +25% to critical damage Change to 12% chance for Super Critical instead of 8% Change to 14X (15X on mobile) for Super Critical instead of 9X (10X)

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