"Shotlite's engineers have managed to cram an 80 millimetre rocket into a tiny launcher smaller than the rocket itself. While the weapon itself is limited to a single shot, the fact that dual wielding rocket launchers is now a possibility renders that point null."
―Official Description

The Tejas is a rocket launcher manufactured by Shotlite. It begins appearing around Rank 40, with [RED] versions appearing around rank 65. Appearing almost comically small, the Tejas could easily be mistaken for a pistol without the massive rocket attached to the top. Indeed, the weapon offers near-sidearm levels of movement due to its tiny size.

The Tejas can also punch far above its weight with said rocket, making up for its single-shot capacity with a very high damage per shot and blast radius, along with its dual-wielding ability.

Dual Wielding Edit

The Tejas, due to its tiny size, is able to be dual wielded. In order to do so, two Tejas of the same type (so a [RED] Tejas must be dual wielded with another [RED] Tejas) must be owned and equipped by the player. This offers several upsides and downsides.

When dual wielding, the Tejas effectively becomes a two-shot semiautomatic weapon akin to the HVM MPG, with the blast of two Tejas rockets being one of the most damaging alpha strikes in the game. Due to the problems with aiming and reloading while holding two guns, the rockets will spread from the line of fire at up to fifteen degrees, and a 50% penalty to reload time is applied. As two Tejas are being carried, the player also lacks a second primary weapon and must turn to a sidearm for a backup weapon.

Statistics Edit

  • 1250 damage per shot. 2 metre blast radius. [RED] variant deals 2000 damage per shot.
  • Single-shot capacity. Dual-wielding increases capacity to 2 shots. 2.5 second reload.
  • 15 rounds per second in semi-automatic firing mode.
  • No movement penalty.
  • Ammunition cost is 500 credits for 50 rounds or 2,000 credits for 50 High Damage rounds. [RED] variant multiplies cost by ten.

Notes Edit

  • The name of the Tejas is based on the HAL Tejas, a light fighter currently in use by India.

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