"Smart and deadly, these grenades seek out the strongest zombies and obliterate them with great power."
―Official Description
Teknoboom Rollensuchen


The Teknoboom Rollensuchen is a grenade found in SAS 4(5?). It is unlocked at rank 20. They have a 0.5% chance to appear in grenade crates, and the chance increases to 5% by rank 20. They deal 1250 damage, and have a 5% chance of setting a zombie on fire. They explode after 5 seconds. Why the long time? Well, they roll towards the strongest zombies at the speed of 25 pixels per second. Their turning is not so great though, at 180 degrees per second. They explode in the radius of a Cryo Grenade. You can buy 10 for 15000. They deal physical damage, thermal to the zombies they set on fire. Throw by pressing G.