"The need for combat engineering rose when the Thera Virus spread. He comes with a ready set of turrets, Can repair any turret, And has cheaper augmenting."


Health: 1750, +100 every level up

Special: Every match you have a free HVM Turret, Ronson Turret and HIKS Turret. Augments are also 16.67% cheaper. You also have a metal system which regenerates over time. Starting base metal is 200. 5 Metal regenerated per second. Metal is needed for building special buildings. (Abilities)

Starting Weapons: M1014 and HVM 001

Starting Ability/ies:


Places a Dispenser on the battlefield. The dispenser regenerates health to any soldier near it and gives ammo as well. Ammo is also metal. However, It has a limited capacity of supplies given. Base: 1500 Ammo, 2500 Health. After that, It wears off. When upgraded, Each upgrade level adds +15% of current supply storage. Costs 100 Metal. Has 100 Health. Can be attacked by Dark Minions and Robotic Zombies.


Places a teleporter, Then requires you to place another one to be functional. It teleports soldiers to the other end. Regardless of which end is used. Each teleporter costs 125 metal. Each teleporter has 25 Health. Zombies amy be able to use the teleporter as well. So be careful.


Repairs any damaged buildings. Costs 10 Energy and 10 Metal per swing. Each swing repairs 20 Damage.


Builds any building of your choice. Costs 15 energy and metal cost depends on the desired building.

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