The Great Space War of Doom and Depression, also known as the Great Space War, Insurgent War, or simply Universe War 1 (UWI1), was a conflict between the Trans-System Federation and a rebel group simply known as The Insurgents that began in January 5th, 3119 and ended in September 29th, 3124. A great portion of the war took place on Earth, which was consumed by fighting nearly the entire duration of the war. By the end of the war, over 5 billion people have died. Almost 20 billion were injured.

Major Battles Edit

Throughout the Insurgent War, many important battles have had a profound effect on the Unified System Alliance, the country that emerged as a result of the war. Many important battles are listed below.

The Battle for Notus Edit

The Battle for Notus was the first battle in the war. It took place in a science facility on the volcanic planet. Trans-Federation forces attacked the facility from the south, but due to dangerous seismic activity, they couldn't strike anywhere else. Due to these conditions, the Insurgent soldiers and volunteers managed to fortify a crunch point at the south entrance, forcing the enemy to send troops only a few dozen at a time. Eventually, the Insurgents pushed the Trans-Fed into retreat.

The Mutiny on the T.F.V Medea Edit

The T.F.V Medea was the most advanced ship in the TSF fleet in 3119. The ship was sent on a mission code-named Blackwater. The objective of the mission was to attack the planet Hardings, the capital of the Insurgency, via plasma bombardment. There was one little problem - about 150 soldiers on board, including the First Mate Theodore Harvard and SAS agent Stewart Getty, planned and executed a mutiny in favor of the Insurgents. The mutiny was successful. Theodore managed to stop the Medea just 5 feet out of bombardment range of Hardings.

The Massacre of New Alamo Edit

In 3120, on the contested planet of Mars, the Trans-Federation army invaded Fort New Alamo. General Argus Kalosov of the Trans-Federation was ordered to simply take everyone prisoner. However, after watching his son downed by a sniper, he, in a rage, ordered the entire base to be completely burned to the ground. Despite knowing of the General's specific orders, the troops did as he commanded. There were no survivors.

More battles coming soon...

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