"Red Alert: HVM Headquarters security have been compromised. HVM is trying its best to fend off the zombies from its headquarters, but the power is not enough. SAS has been called to neutralize the threat, specifically a zombie who has gotten hold of the weapons in the weapon storage room..."



Light Green = Boxes Dark Green = Turrets

The Infested Headquarters is a Manufacturer Mission that takes place in HVM headquarters. You start in the bottom left room, and you have to get to the end, where you fight the Infected HVM Soldier. You are accompanied by a HVM employee who behaves like a level 1 assault team member.

Zombies spawn in the red tinted areas. They only come out of walls, and sometimes out of the ground.


  • Destroy all zombies in the lobby
    • Exit the lobby
  • Make your way down the corridor
  • Destroy the HVM turrets (HP: 500. Savage HP: 5000)
  • Fend off zombies
  • Destroy the Infected Soldier

Other Info

There is a loot room signified by the lightness in the background. There will be 2 loot items.

There is a medkit in the small corridor leading to the boss room.

There is a turret box containing a HVM Turret by the entrace.


Commentary by the president of HVM, Henry Vincent Miller.

  • "Alright, you're in. Clear out the lobby for zombies. I'll tell you what to do next." - Task 1
  • "Head down to the turret room. There may be some turrets there to help you." - Task 2
  • "The turrets have gone bad! Destroy them, quick." - Task 3
  • "Ugh, the doors are jammed. I'll reactivate them. Gimme a minute!" - Task 4, in the room before the boss room
  • "Alright. Now head to the weapon storage room. We'll meet you there." - After completing task 4
  • "Good work. I've sent reinforcements to clean up the area." - End


Rewards are 3 HVM Strongboxes, along with any other boxes you've collected on the way. Every other completion will yield 1 box. There is a 60% chance for the HVM Weapons to be red.