"They believe they have stopped us. They believe we have been scattered, defeated, destroyed...They are wrong."
― The Queen on completion of the Viral Realm campaign.

The Queen is the main antagonist of Jud's Zombdmention. The Queen has five appearances:

More PodsEdit

"Something big has been spotted. Very big. Just looking into the eyes of this creature causes terror in the hearts of men. Our men have reported female hormones on their database of the creature, and have named it "The Queen". Watch out; this beast will not stop, even when she's severely injured, and destruction of her babies when you are near her will cause instant annihilation even for some of our elite recruits."

Her first appearance is in More Pods, where She takes the form of a heavily mutated Podigenerator. She has no savage version, and, instead, unlocks her final skill for max-level players.

HP: 5,000,000

DMG: 499, 999 if Enraged

Immune: 20% Uni, 30% if Enraged

SPD: 0.1, 1 if Enraged


Deadly Combo: Stabs you with both of her hands in quick succession with her claws (10 claws, each doing 80 damage). Then she grabs you and throws you up into the air, jumping up with you and smashing you when you land. This is instant death, unless you use Die Another Day skill. Also, if The Queen takes 10000 damage before she does the slam, she will only do the stabs.

Meh Bebez: Spawns 5 Podigenerators and throws 30 pods. The pods explode into zombies on hit with any object.

FatalError111: Infects a nearby standby Mechsuit, spawning a Zombie Mech.

Enrage(Only for Max Level): Greatly increases her stats and speed of using attacks for 10 seconds. Used only once you have killed 200 zombies in her vicinity. This should happen quite quickly, as she is a constant summoner. Each 200 zombies you kill near her triggers this.

On defeat, she turns her head left and right and turns solid red, shortly before teleporting somewhere else. Of course, she leaves behind Cryptic Note One, seen below.

Viral RealmEdit




Master Of InfectionsEdit


Final BattleEdit

Let's just say it's HELLISHLY powerful for now.

Cryptic NotesEdit

On defeat of her various forms, she drops Cryptic Notes.

Note 1Edit

"The Zombie Lord is furious with his unsuccess, and requests immediately for you to surrender.

"Should you not surrender, which will most likely happen, a full scale attack shall be sent on your HQ. (This is added to by the fact that the next mission is Invasion.) Shall you surrender, we shall give you the supplies required to move to a separate galaxy. (SPOILER ALERT: The one object the Zombies need to destroy the entire universe is positioned at the center of the Milky Way.)"



Not so kind as the average mother.

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