[Ground Vehicle]
- Thor -
Terran Team

The Thor, along with some Dominion forces

Manufacturer: Koprulu Marine Supply
Affiliation: Terran Dominion
Health: 250,000 standard
Resistance: 50%
Armor: 500
Dimentions: 8m in height
Role: Front-line Siege Walker
Crew: 1 Pilot
"This siege-walker may not be unstoppable, but it is undoubtedly close"
―One of inventor of Thor

Thor is a ground vehicle manufactured by Koprulu Marine Supply. It is the only ground vehicle capable of fighting off battlecruisers.

Armed generally with twin depleted uranium blasters on the "arms" and 250mm bombardment cannons on back, they do not appear in battles too frequently and are usually only used for breaking heavy enemy defenses. They cannot be slowed down by anything.

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