Mr. Johnson, thanks for hiring me. -Ghostwolf18

No problem friend, we needed a good solider. -James Johnson

Well sir, we are over the target now. I'm taking the elite squad out with me. HVM isn't gonna know what hit them. -Ghostwolf18

Very Good. 10/4 -James Johnson

Alright Boys, Slick, I may technically lead the squad, but I'm leaving you in charge of it. You give the orders. -Ghostwolf18

Yes sir! -Slick

No commander, your the one who gets called sir now. -Ghostwolf18

Alright jump out now men -pilot

YEEEHAW -Ghostwolf18

Thunderstruck is the first mission in the story of Thunder Squadron. It is the beginning of the war with HVM. In this mission, you are rushing threw an HVM base killing every mercenary in the way. You play as Slick

Phase 1: kill all 50 mercenaries

Phase 2: kill the 25 elite HVM troops.

Phase 3: Assasinate Elijah Joel, the bases leader. He will be heavily armed and guarded.

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